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“Blessed to be recognized tonight among so many leaders as the Community Distinguished Leader at the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence Gala #lifelinestohealing #revolutionaryliving” – Pastor Michael McBride

Twenty years ago this summer, a deranged former client entered the Pettit & Martin law offices in San Francisco. Armed with two military-style assault weapons outfitted with large capacity ammunition magazines, he walked through the office on a shooting rampage. In the end, he had killed eight — in addition to himself — and grievously wounded six more.

In the wake, the San Francisco legal community and others affected by this horrific event came together to prevent the next tragedy – founding the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. We have spent the last 20 years pouring our hearts, souls, and minds into developing effective legal solutions to address the rampant and destructive consequences of gun violence.

Every year, we gather to mark the anniversary of our organization’s founding with a special event to remember the lives that were taken on July 1, 1993, as well as the unacceptable toll of lives taken by gunfire every day. Our Anniversary Dinner is also a time to look to the future as we develop real and lasting solutions.

In response to the tragedy in Newtown, the nation is demanding sensible and life saving measures to reduce gun violence – in ways we’ve never seen before. Share in the success of the Law Center as it continues to meet the ever growing demand for smart legal solutions that protect our communities. We invite you to celebrate this momentous occasion with us.

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