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No Father's Day Sabbath

Dear Clergy & Community Leader,

This Sunday is Father’s Day and like many fathers around the country I expect to wake up and have my children wish me a happy Father’s Day and then spend the rest of the day reveling in the joy of being their dad. And yet I am saddened to think about the many fathers who have lost children and the many children who have lost fathers to gun violence. For them this will be “No Father’s Day,” one filled with memories of what they have needlessly lost. I say “needlessly” because Congress has failed to act to protect these families.

Given the chance, Congress rejected legislation that would have created universal background checks, ended gun trafficking and kept guns out of the hands of dangerous people. So this year let’s all send members of Congress a “No Father’s Day” card and let them know we will not stand for their inaction any longer. Visit and add your name to the card. And let’s hope that by the time we reach Father’s Day next year, we will have the safeguards in place to ensure that fathers like me will wake up to happy wishes from our children rather than sad memories of what we had lost.
Would you also consider making a bold and compassionate step of intercession along with hundreds of Clergy and Congregations during our No Father’s Day Sabbath events on June 15-16?
We invite you to participate in 3 distinct ways:

  1. PREACH: Address gun violence in your sermon or pastoral remarks.
  • Please share your favorite spiritual passages and discuss how faith can help us overcome adversity and heal us spiritually.

2. PRAY: Invite the congregation to pray together for the continued healing of those who have been     affected by gun violence.

  • If any members of your congregation have been affected by gun violence or know someone who has been, you might consider asking them to stand up and briefly share with the congregation their story of how they have been affected by gun violence.

3. ACT: Invite congregation members to participate in several ways:

  • Send an e-card to your elected official asking them to end gun violence
  • Call our elected leaders: Call the White House: 202-456-1111 and the U.S. Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121

Let us all seek the peace of the city to which we are called to serve. Today is the day to end gun violence!
Rev. Michael McBride, Lead Organizer, Lifelines to Healing Campaign
PICO National Network

P.S. Once you have added your name to the card, forward this message to your friends and family and ask them to do the same, and share your card on Facebook and Twitter.