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Morning breakfast with my two daughters, Nylah and Sarai…planning session with my Executive Pastor to host a series of Mental Health Friendly Congregation Seminars at The Way Christian Center…meeting with Mayoral, Police, Clergy and Community Representatives of the Oakland Ceasefire Working Group…Interview with Journalist about Common Sense Gun Laws…Shot documentary with videographer about our upcoming Gun Violence Prevention Sabbaths in March…Amazing strategic planning and thinking with Dr. john powell of Haas Diversity Research Center, and PICO Colleagues…witnessed dozens of Bay Area Clergy and people of faith walking the neighborhoods of East Oakland for our weekly night walk.

Just another 24 hours in the life of our emergent national campaign, Lifelines to Healing. Now active in over 50 cities across the country, make no mistake, we are convinced we have the power to end gun violence in America – block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood.,.congregation by congregation…family by family.


These are common responses from people when they hear the end of gun violence in cities across the country. But I am a follower of Jesus, and I have no problem believing the impossible. And this movement is already bearing witness to what is possible!

This movement is more than one person, or one organization, or one city. Tired of the intractability of divisions and excuses, this movement is characterized by the necessary collaboration of the willing, the courageous and the hopeful. The prophet Jeremiah emboldens us to “Seek the peace of the city, for in its peace and welfare, you will find your peace and welfare.” And peace is what we will achieve!

This blog intends to highlight the many efforts of our coalition, and give you a peak behind the curtain of a growing number of brave clergy, people of faith, law enforcement, activists, rappers, artists, doctors, lawyers, elected officials, policymakers, republicans, democrats, black, white, and many others who believe the time is now to prioritize keeping, as Dr. Joseph Marshall says, “our young people alive and free!”

Come join the movement today! You have a lifeline inside of you waiting to be activated. The time is now…the day is today…throw out the Lifelines!